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Sensory & Mind-Body Support Training

Breath, Stretch, Shake, Grow!

The discussion and processing of trauma can be both engaging and draining. These effects are commonly recognized in the experiences of the head and the heart; however, everywhere they go, head & heart, you take your physical body as well. True Trauma Informed Care (TIC) takes account of how an individual experiences trauma in their body as well. Sadness can manifest as a deep and dull ache in one’s belly, weakness in the limbs and/ or a throbbing headache. Each individual’s experiences of their emotions is as unique and as real as they are. This 2-6 hour customizable training will review: 

  1. The concept of trauma

  2. The four researched response patterns

  3. The eight major sensory systems that are classically affected in the wake of trauma

  4. The importance and benefits of sensory integration in trauma work

  5. Tensory specific starters to aid in your journey into holistic wellness.

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