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  • Call your local emergency line (either 911 or police station)

  • Call your local mental health crisis line (usually can be found by doing an Internet search of your county + "crisis line" (e.g., Hamilton County Crisis Line). The following crisis lines are for Cincinnati and Greater Cincinnati:

    • Hamilton County: 513.584.8577

    • Butler County: 513.881.7180

  • Go to a hospital or emergency center

  • Call a national crisis line:

    • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1.800.273.8255

    • NAMI Hotline: 1.800.950.6264

  • Text the Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741

Remember, we can’t do this without you.



Get a physical trainer for your head & heart!

TREEmendous Care provides Individual, Couples, Family and Group counseling services for ages 5yrs through adult.

We believe in self-reflection and concrete direction. We help others create a vision for their goals, plan the steps to achieve, and promote a mindset to match. Our work specializes in personalized services to meet you where you are, and help you to "be your BEST YOU!" Everywhere your head and heart goes, your body follows too. So we will work to provide care for ALL OF YOU. Contact us today to begin your journey of holistic support.

Business Consultation

Let’s Team Up!

TREEmendous Care LLC offers consultation across a diverse range of topics and populations including but not limited to: Mental Health, Personal Wellness, Goal Setting, Team Building, and Team Development. We offer and execute strategic, individualized services to help you obtain fast, high quality results for businesses of all sizes.

Certified trauma training

Desire Higher!

As a Certified Trauma Trainer Erica provides six-hour training sessions on each of the following topics: 

  1. Structured Sensory Integration II

  2. Trauma-Informed Resilient Schools

  3. Healing Trauma and Restoring Resilience in Schools

  4. Resetting for Resilience

  5. Children of Trauma. 

Trainings are customized for educational staff, mental health staff, and community partners. As one of Starr’s Certified Trainers, Erica is poised to bring specialized, trauma-informed and resilience-focused training to your school, agency, or organization staff and supporters. Erica is excited to support all of your trauma and resilience training needs. Trainings listed can be provided individually, or as part of our trauma & resilience practitioner certification program.

As a Certified Trauma and Grief Treatment Component Therapy for Adolescents (TGCTA) Trainer Erica provides a 15 hour training presented in 4 Modules. The components of TGCTA’s four modules address: 

  1.  Foundational knowledge and skills to enhance posttraumatic emotional, cognitive, and behavioral regulation

  2. Group sharing and processing of trauma experiences

  3. Group sharing and processing of grief/loss experiences

  4. Resumption of adaptive developmental progression and future orientation. 

TGCTA training is customized for educational staff, mental health staff, and community partners. This training is the first step to becoming a certified TGCTA provider!

sensory integration

Breath, Stretch, Shake, Grow!

The discussion and processing of trauma can be both engaging and draining. These effects are commonly recognized in the experiences of the head and the heart; however, everywhere they go, head & heart, you take your physical body as well. True Trauma Informed Care (TIC) takes account of how an individual experiences trauma in their body as well. Sadness can manifest as a deep and dull ache in one’s belly, weakness in the limbs and/ or a throbbing headache. Each individual’s experiences of their emotions is as unique and as real as they are. This 2-6 hour customizable training will review: 

  1. The concept of trauma

  2. The four researched response patterns

  3. The eight major sensory systems that are classically affected in the wake of trauma

  4. The importance and benefits of sensory integration in trauma work

  5. Tensory specific starters to aid in your journey into holistic wellness.

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