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Each group experience is offered on a rotating schedule once the minimum number of participants has enrolled.  Sign up today to secure your seat at the table.


Group Therapy Experiences

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Girl's Circle

Join our interactive group designed to support connection and provide/ promote self-concept, self-esteem, and self-expression for young ladies ages 8-10/ 11-14/ 15-18 yrs old.

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Guy's group

This group will explore both understanding and expression of the power, pride, posture of young men ages 8-10/ 11-14/ 15-18 yrs old.

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emPOWER expression

Self expression is an art. So why not treat it as such? Join this group to utilize all 8 senses as we work to recognize, understand and express our inner and outer self.

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unapologetic: A group experience exploring grief

This group will allow space to process both our experiences with grief and gain knowledge about the normality of those experiences.  Once we are able to recognize when manifestations are unhealthy or unhelpful so you are able to continue to grow forward in healthy and helpful ways. Contact us today about our youth or adult groups to begin your healing process.


TREEmendous Toolkits 

TREEmendous Care Toolkits are professional wellness kits intentionally curated with YOU in mind. 

Our toolkits focus on churning curiosity, channeling creativity, and championing courage to grow you toward “Being your BEST YOU!” Toolkits ship quarterly as Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter collections. Each kit promotes regional, growing, and BIPOC businesses. With our “Consumer Kit” you will find items that engage self-care, organization and empowerment to try new things along your wellness journey. Each kit also comes with a newsletter with extension activities and reading recommendations. We also love adding in some TREEmendous originals!  The “Clinician Kit” contains all the same goodies, plus bonus therapeutic activities & use only permissions to support your own clinical settings. Purchase an individual toolkit or subscribe for the year and save. Additional $5 flat rate shipping, or subscribe for FREE shipping! 


Consumer Kit
$50 Current Season
$180 Annual Subscription

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Clinical Kit
$65 Current Season
$234 Annual Subscription

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