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TREEmendous Toolkits are HERE!!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Therapy is WERK! Both in and outside of the couch. TREEmendous Toolkits are created to support you in that place and space of self-care, encouragement, and challenge. Each Toolkit is professionally crafted to bring out the creativity, curiosity, and courage in you every quarter. Toolkits can be ordered online RIGHT HERE on our TREEmendous Tools page!

What's In a Kit?!

Each Toolkit comes with several resources and activities for you to try. Each season we have both a Consumer and a Clinical Toolkit. The Consumer Toolkit is designed for everyday use and will provide self-care resources, creativity and growth oriented activities, and much more. The Toolkit also boasts a newsletter with extensional activities and suggested reads. The Clinician Toolkit contained all of the same items, and will also include therapeutic tools for professional use. Please leave your license number and distinction to order this professional level resource.

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